Saturday, April 17, 2021

Labour Vision

The Labour Party vision is a fair society driven by Labour values.

Our aim is to build a society which is fair and just, which is free of discrimination, in which there is equality of opportunity, and in which those who can contribute to society, do so, for the benefit of society. 

Those who need support receive help; publicly provided health care, social care and education are available to all, free at the point of use. There is plentiful employment, there are affordable homes and affordable transport. 

In our vision of society, employees are protected from unethical or abusive employers by workers rights legislation; consumers are protected from unethical manufacturers and suppliers by consumer legislation; citizens breathe clean air, drink fresh water and swim in rivers and beaches free from pollution due to environmental legislation.

We want our descendants to look forward to a future where responsible government action now has protected them from the worst-case forecasts of nightmare scenarios caused by man-made climate change.

The ethical and subjective judgement that individuals owe a duty to one another and to a broader society, is the Labour Party view of citizenship. Individuals’ interests are advanced by society as a whole recognising this interdependence and acting upon it.

In contrast, the Conservative Party’s vision sets out the interests of the individual as separate from the interests of society. By directly appealing to net contributors, it seeks to persuade them they will be better off under Conservative rule; they will be able to make less contribution. 

In their version of society, individual contributors pay for the level of education, health and social care they require. Public services wither and become second rate, only suitable for the poorest in society - who they don’t care about, because they won’t vote Tory anyway.