Thursday, April 14, 2022

About Me

My name is Keiron Marsden, I'm an early-retired husband, father and dog lover, former 
engineering manager, and current Labour Parish Councillor.

As a news and current affairs addict for decades, I have always been interested in politics since Harold Wilson was blathering on about "the pound in your pocket" - although I wasn't old enough then to actually have a pound in my pocket. 

I was born "up North" in Lancashire, in a working class town that would now be referred to as “red wall”, and I've had quite a political journey over the decades - if you're interested you can read about it in My Journey.

I now consider myself a moderate on the centre-left of UK Politics, see My Politics if you're interested the gory details.

My newspapers of choice are the Guardian, which broadly reflects my political views, and the Telegraph, which definitely doesn't - the latter comes under the heading of "know thine enemy".

I joined the Labour Party to make my own small contribution towards the direction it takes, and to help it get there, but I've been a social justice keyboard warrior and digital activist for well over a decade. Post pandemic I'm finally now getting out on the doorstep too, and was delighted and proud to be elected as a Labour Parish Councillor for Stoke Gifford in the May 2023 local elections.

After a stint as Secretary of the Filton & Bradley Stoke Constituency Labour Party I would highly recommend all Labour Party members to attend their Branch and Constituency meetings and get involved.

For why I joined, support, and vote for Labour, see my Why Labour and Labour Vision pages.

If you think you may like to join, see the party's own Why Join Labour and Joining Labour FAQ.

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Views expressed are my own, and don't necessarily represent the views or position of any organisation or committee that I have been or still am a part of.