Tuesday, May 24, 2022

It’s Time For Change

If you voted for Brexit, I don’t think you’re stupid. I don’t even think you’re stupid if you voted for Boris Johnson’s Tory Government in 2019. You had your reasons.

But if you can’t see how badly Brexit is going - and how badly Boris Johnson is doing - then you and I really need to talk.

He “Got Brexit Done” by pushing through an arrangement he had always said he wouldn’t accept, involving border checks in the Irish Sea - and now he’s blaming the EU for insisting that the UK follow the agreement he signed up to.

He claims he got the big decisions right with Covid, too - but the UK is 52nd in the world health organisation stats for Covid deaths per capita. 

Yes, vaccinations went well, but he dithered and delayed with lockdown causing thousands of unnecessary deaths, and unnecessary impact on the economy.

Yes, the economy bounced back faster than anyone else in the G7 - but only because it had already fallen the fastest and the furthest. 

They say the cost of living crisis is a global situation, yet inflation in the UK is the worst in the G7, and is forecast to stay higher for longer than any other country. 

On top of a decade of Tory austerity, this is hitting people hard.

It’s time for change. We need a change of Prime Minister within weeks, and we need to change the Government at the next election.

If you don’t agree, I have a friend in Nigeria who would love you to cash a large cheque..

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Tory Cost of Living Crisis


UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation reached a 40 year high of 9% yesterday, and the Bank of England are forecasting it’ll get even worse in the winter.

Don’t ever forget that it’s 12 years of Conservative policy that has led us to this point. Our cost-of-living crisis is a culmination of TORY political choices. 

The decade-long march of austerity, their economically insane version of Brexit, and mishandling of the Covid pandemic.

I’m not a fan of Brexit but better Brexits were (and still are) available. The Tories asked us what we wanted, then served up the worst form of Brexit that suited their purposes, not ours. 

As a nation we need to start fact-checking the bullsh*t the Tories are feeding us daily.

Of course the Tories will tell you this is a global energy crisis and there’s a war in Ukraine - true, but our inflation is the WORST in the G7, and is forecast to remain HIGHER, for LONGER, than any other country in the G7 - and THAT is down to the Tories. 

World beating?!?..

So now, as if their home made cost of living crisis isn’t enough, the Tories are going to provoke a trade war with the EU, supposedly based on the EU’s insistence on adhering to an international agreement drafted by - and signed by - the Tories.

EVERYBODY told Johnson that his oven-ready trade deal would mean a trade border in the Irish Sea - but he wouldn’t accept it. 

Now, he wants to tear it up because everyone warning him was right all along, and HE was wrong.

Johnson is an expensive liability we cannot afford!

And NOW the Tories are even telling us the inevitable recession we’re diving heading into under THEIR leadership, is all OUR FAULT - wait for it -  because we’re WORKING FROM HOME!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Electoral Calculus predicts Labour WIN in the new FaBS!

The Electoral Calculus website is predicting that Labour will WIN the "new" Filton & Bradley Stoke Constituency, when the proposed 2023 boundary changes are in place!

Link: here

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Lessons From a Landslide


Labour In Communications today released Lessons From a Landslide, their retrospective on the 25 years since Tony Blair was elected.

It's a really good read whether or not you liked New Labour - it doesn't attempt to reinstate New Labour only to learn from its successes and see how Labour can use those lessons to beat the Tories next time.

I'd recommend anyone involved in campaigning / canvassing / social media to read it as national politics issues get thrown at us from all directions even when working locally.