Friday, November 11, 2022

Parliamentary Candidate Selection

A month is a long time in politics. Way back at the beginning of our Filton & Bradley Stoke (FaBS) CLP Parliamentary candidate selection process, I endorsed my good friend Angela Morey. I’m glad I did so, and delighted she made the shortlist for the final member vote.

I’ve been following all of the candidates’ campaigns over the last few weeks with a keen interest, and have always said I would only make my mind up who I would vote for, at the end of this process.

The selection process isn’t about selecting our MP - it’s about selecting the best candidate, who has what it takes to actually become our Labour MP; someone who lives, breathes and campaigns on Labour’s core values, who can take the fight to the Tories on the national issues on which their Government is badly failing us, as well as on the local issues affecting our constituency.

As a committed Labour member and activist (and former CLP Secretary), I will wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support and campaign towards the next General Election for whoever wins tomorrow’s vote. 

But after a great degree of consideration, I’m delighted to say the candidate getting my vote tomorrow will be Claire Hazelgrove 

Claire has over a decade’s experience of campaigning for Labour, locally and nationally, in 5 General Elections - and she’s been campaigning all year, all across our constituency, in all weathers. That’s why she knows the local issues facing communities across FaBS better than I do, and I’ve lived here for just short of 25 years.

Scan back through all the obligatory doorstep team selfies, and as often as not you’ll see Claire’s smiling face in the photo.  

This is why so many of our dedicated team of FaBS Labour canvassers have come out in favour of Claire - not to mention Bristol Labour MP Darren Jones, regional Metro Mayor Dan Norris, and previous FaBS Labour Parliamentary Candidates Ian Boulton and Mhairi Threlfall. 

I’m very much looking forward to hearing all candidates speak at the hustings tomorrow (10am at Abbeywood School) - and may the best candidate win!  I’ve never been more proud to be Labour Party Member 🌹