Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Community Engagement Forum


Yesterday I attended the latest Stoke Gifford, Stoke Park and Cheswick Community Engagement Forum meeting, as a Stoke Gifford Parish Councillor.

We discussed recent reports of anti-social behaviour and minor crime with our local Avon & Somerset Neighbourhood Police team.

Residents are encouraged to report any and all instances of anti-social behaviour, crime and attempts to commit crime.

We can all play our part in keeping our community safe - it’s just as easy to report online as it is to post on Facebook!

Non-emergency contact form for Stoke Gifford (NOT for reporting crime):

You can anonymously report any public places where you have felt or feel unsafe - eg as a result of anti-social behaviour, being verbally abused, or lack of street lighting - using the Streetsafe tool:

Again, StreetSafe is NOT for reporting crimes or emergencies

To report an incident to the police, call 101 or report it online: 

In an emergency, please call 999

If you have information about a crime but are afraid of recriminations, you can report anonymously to Crimestoppers:

Finally, a reminder that the Stoke Gifford police community beat team hold regular surgeries at Little Stoke Community Hall:

Play your part in keeping our community safe.